3 Fridge Rules if You're Unorganized

I will admit, social media photos of perfectly organized refrigerators totally freak me out. This feeling probably stems from the fact that I will never have one of those organized refrigerators and the thought of that being a requirement to eat a nutritious diet means I will never eat a nutritious diet. But we both know that isn’t true, so I should probably get over it. However, this feeling started me thinking that I can’t be the only one without a perfectly organized fridge AND a desire to eat a healthy diet. So, instead of fighting to be something you’re not (fridge-organizing-lady), I say embrace the lack of organization, but be smart about it.

Unload Your Own Groceries

Why? Because it reinforces your inventory. One benefit of being ultra-organized is knowing what you have on hand just by looking. In other words, when you’re organized, food won’t get lost in the dark depths that are the back of the top shelf. But, if you aren’t organized, then it’s important to know what is in the fridge even if there is no rhyme or reason for where it sits. This prevents purchasing duplicate products and cuts back on food waste. Keep the receipts if you have to and reference those throughout the week.

Make produce visible

Ok, maybe this is an organization tip, but let me explain. Making something visible and prepping it/putting it in matching containers (I mean seriously, who has time for that?) are two different things. I am not asking that you prep anything, but I am asking that you keep it on a shelf where you can see it. No hiding your produce in the bottom drawer! Use those drawers for things like cheese, packaged deli meats, or even condiments. Keeping the produce where you can see it means you’re more likely to use it and avoid food waste while also boosting your nutrition.

Use clear containers for leftovers

This is important because if you’re not organized then it’s easy to forget what leftovers you have on hand. Stick to clear containers so you can easily see what is available. And if you want to take it a step further, put all of those containers on the same shelf.

I promise you don’t need to have a perfectly organized fridge to eat well. The only thing you do need is to know what you have on hand and be creative and confident in using it.