5 Tips for Eating Well Away from Home

You’re busy - you work full-time, you have a long commute, you’re raising a family, you’re working multiple jobs. All of this adds up to a need for convenience. It’s not always easy to eat well on the go, but these tricks can help.

Start with a Green Base
By far one of the easiest ways to add more vegetables to your diet is to have the vegetables be the first thing on the plate. Add the rest of it right on top. This can be done in almost every restaurant since it’s just leafy greens you’re adding. There might be a side of wilted greens on the menu which makes adding greens even more convenient.

Double Up
Ask for double vegetables on the side or an extra serving of vegetables with your meal. If the entree comes with one serving, ask for an extra if you can. This only increases the amount of vegetables on the table which increases how many you’re likely to eat.

Sides can be Apps, Too!
Appetizers are supposed to be appetizing - that’s the way that works. But sometimes appetizers are lacking in the produce department. Let your eyes wander to the other parts of the menu and even check out the sides (that’s usually where the veggies hide). Could one of those make sense as an app? Probably! It’s also true that you’re likely to eat a lot of whatever hits the table first since you’re hungry, so why not make it packed with vegetables?

Produce Can Travel, Too
If you don’t have it with you then you’re less likely to eat it, so keep it top of mind that produce like apples, pears, bananas, berries, carrots, cucumber, etc., are all commute-friendly. You can also find produce on the road in gas stations, grocery stores, roadside stands - so many places if you keep your eyes peeled. Remember, it’s just a matter of picking it and stashing it in your bag so that you have it because if you don’t have it, you won’t eat it.

Convenience Stores - a surprising oasis
Gas stations get a bad reputation for having nothing healthy on hand, but ANEW Well disagrees for a few reasons:

  1. You’re almost always guaranteed to find a piece of fruit.

  2. Every gas station sells still or sparkling, unsweetened water.

  3. You’re likely to find a good protein choice like cheese sticks, trail mix, and yogurt.