How to Log a Workout in the Airport (without looking like you're losing your mind)

by Nicole Stenberg

We’ve all been there - stuck in the airport, scrolling through your Instagram feed, stressed out, and trying to pass the time. Next time you find yourself anxious with your shoulders up to your ears, try this simple, endorphin-boosting airport workout that will relieve the stress in your mind AND your body…without making your look like you’re losing your mind.

Start by finding an open space near a wall or window with your baggage nearby.

Warm up:

Face the wall or window and place your hands in front of your shoulders with elbows extended. Swing your right leg right to left and back again. That’s one rep, do 20 and then repeat on the other side.

Next, have the wall on your left side, bracing the wall with your left hand and swing your right leg front to back and to the front again. That’s one rep, do 20 and the repeat on the other leg with the wall on your right side.

Why? This will increase circulation to your hips after being stationary for much of the day. We hold a lot of mental tension in our hips too- this will help shake that out.

Stand tall, bend your elbows and move your arms backwards in a circular pattern 20 times. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and imagine tucking them into your back pockets as you lower them back down.

Why? We spend so much of our travel time hunched over, awkwardly carrying bags and trying to catch some shut eye while scrunching our shoulders up to our ears. Taking a moment to open up your chest and find space between your shoulders and ears can make you look and feel more at peace and ready to take on the day.


Sturdy yourself against the wall as needed. Keeping your core tight raise onto your toes and slowly lower back down 20 times.

Step away from the wall and bend your right knee so your right heel is moving towards your right backside. Repeat on the other side to complete one rep. Complete 20 rounds.

Move right into pulling each knee towards your chest for 20 rounds.

Lean your back against a sturdy wall and slide into a seated position with your legs at a 90 degree angle. Keep the weight of your body primarily in your heels. Count to 20 while you hold the position.

Repeat the workout portion 1-4 times. If time allows, grab your bags or have a friend watch them and build your step count in the airport taking the stairs every chance you get until it’s time to board!  


Nicole Stenberg is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Yoga Instructor. As an avid fitness and wellness junkie, Nicole is constantly striving to create programs and tools that help people feel their best.